Advantage CPD: Data Security and Ransom Attacks Webinar

Event Details

November 4, 2021
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. ET

Zoom Webinar

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Ransom attacks and other data security breaches in North America continue to pose significant threats to both private-sector and public-sector entities. It is critical for organizations to develop incident response plans to address such attacks in order to quickly and effectively minimize their impact and to meet the legal obligations arising from them.


In this Advantage CPD webinar, we will examine the necessary components of a data security incident response plan including:

  • The legal requirements to provide notice of breach to impacted parties and regulators
  • The key elements of a data security response
  • Drafting the plan

Learning Objectives

This webinar will provide participants with an understanding of best practices and strategic considerations in responding to a data security incident as well as an overview of their legal obligations to provide notice in the event of a privacy breach.

This webinar will include an interactive Q&A feature. A panel discussion will be built into the last 10 minutes of the session to address audience questions that were submitted.

Hicks Morley will endeavour to accommodate guests with a disability in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code guidelines and other applicable legislation.