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Challenges in International Employment Law: National Conference on Equal Employment Opportunity Law, American Bar Association

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March 31, 2017

Loews New Orleans


Global Workforces, Employment Policies and Practices in an International Economy:

From country to country, there are significant differences in the regulation in the employment relationship, the hurdles to changing terms of employment, the protection of intellectual property, obstacles to termination, and the role of unions and representative bodies, all of which complicates the trend by multinational employers to develop global practices and policies, codes of conducts and handbooks. The myriad of developments in employment law globally dwarfs the magnitude of developments in the US. There’s a recent trend towards the internationalization of unions and cross-border efforts of representative bodies. Global mobility challenges are enormous. And the role of local courts in cross-border disputes further complicates their litigation and resolution. Join in this discussion of recent trends and challenges in the practice of international employment law and the management of global workforces.