Conference / Seminar

Employment and Labour Law Update for Smaller Municipalities – Toronto

Event Details

October 29, 2012
8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Holiday Inn – Toronto International Airport
970 Dixon Rd

Holiday Inn – Peterborough Waterfront
150 George St. N.
Peterborough, ON

At this conference you will receive invaluable information and guidance from Canada’s leading management side labour and employment law firm. This conference is intended for anyone who, as part of their responsibility within a municipality, has to manage employees. And, it is for those of you who must make those hard decisions about terminations, collective bargaining proposals, or any other employment related questions.

We have designed this conference to provide you with the latest information that you need to know in order to manage your employees within the ever changing legal environment and to prepare for new demands, whether in the context of collective bargaining or otherwise.



$325.00 plus $42.25 HST (13%), totalling $367.25 per person.



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Opening Remarks


Whirlwind Topics

A fast-paced, tightly focused review of developments that you need to know about.

Family Status Discrimination and the Duty to Accommodate

Thomas W. Agnew (Toronto and Peterborough)

A particularly challenging area in human rights case law is the manner in which claims for accommodation on the basis of family status should be handled by employers.  Although the area continues to evolve,  there are some emerging principles that provide guidance on this issue.

Union and Non-Union Terminations

Mark H. Mason (Toronto and Peterborough)

It’s been a busy year in the courts and at arbitration, with new and significant cases on constructive dismissal, damages, mitigation of loss and more. This fast-paced presentation will cover the need-to-know termination cases from the last 12 months.

ESA Update

Michelle A. Alton (Toronto), Colin J. Youngman (Peterborough)

SARS, organs, critical illnesses and war are all good reasons for your employees to be absent from work. Recently, the Ontario government introduced family caregiver leave, which brings the total number types of leaves under the Employment Standards Act, 2000 to eight. This presentation will provide an overview of current and proposed new leave requirements to ensure you are up to date.

Pay Equity Update

Carolyn Cornford Greaves (Toronto), Andrew N. Zabrovsky (Peterborough)

With legislation that dates back almost 25 years, it is not surprising that some employers have taken a “been there, done that” approach to pay equity compliance. Despite the perception of pay equity as yesterday’s HR requirement, it is in fact alive and kicking in Ontario. This presentation will explain how – and outline the significant financial liability that can result when employers fail to comply.

Bargaining and Strike Planing in the age of social media

Michelle A. Alton (Toronto), Colin J. Youngman (Peterborough)

Are you ready for your next round of bargaining? How will you manage a cyber picket line? Many would say that the dynamics of bargaining have forever changed with the advent of social media. This presentation will examine the changing face of bargaining and strike planning in this electronic age.

AODA – Are you prepared?

Carolyn Cornford Greaves (Toronto), Andrew N. Zabrovsky (Peterborough)

The Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act, 2005 (“AODA”) Customer Service Standards are now in force for all organizations in Ontario – and the requirements of the Integrated Accessibility Standards are looming. We will review what your organization should be doing now to ensure current and future compliance with the AODA.


Refreshment Break


The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Social Media: Your Rights as the Employer

Thomas W. Agnew (Toronto and Peterborough)

Social media offers companies great opportunities – but with these opportunities come significant risks. This session will address the good (employee use for the company), the bad (employee off duty use) and the ugly (managing employees who are targeted by outsiders) of social media management.


Municipal Sector Bargaining Update

Mark H. Mason (Toronto and Peterborough)

Find out the latest settlement information and the demands that are being put before municipal employers at the bargaining table, while at the same time gaining insight into issues that you might want to consider putting in your package of proposals.  This session will also address some strategic considerations that you will want to keep in mind when sitting down at the bargaining table.


Buffet Lunch and Networking


Internal Investigation Tips, Techniques and Traps

Michelle A. Alton (Toronto), Colin J. Youngman (Peterborough)

HR professionals are often asked to investigate internal matters that involve considerable complexities and can have a high-stakes impact on their organization. This session will help you understand the proven techniques that can form the basis of a successful investigation – and provide you with practical measures designed to enhance your process and its outcomes.


The Human Rights Defence: Practical Tips and Strategic Advice

Carolyn Cornford Greaves (Toronto), Andrew N. Zabrovsky (Peterborough)

With the dramatic overhaul of Ontario’s human rights system almost four years ago, human rights issues in the workplace have greater visibility than ever. This session will provide an overview of the nuts and bolts of mounting a strong human rights defence. We’ll discuss the optimal strategies for different kinds of cases, how to use Tribunal procedure to your advantage and effective strategies to consider in light of the Tribunal’s approach to damages.


Attendance Management Update

Thomas W. Agnew (Toronto and Peterborough)

Employers often have one chance to get their attendance management program right in the face of workplace challenges. This session will identify the “must have” components that a program needs to meet these challenges – with a focus on typical miscalculations made by employers and how to avoid them.


Performance Management of the Non-Union Employee

Mark H. Mason (Toronto and Peterborough)

This session will focus on the practical aspects of getting the performance that you require in the workplace from your non-union employees.  Common pitfalls will be identified and strategies for becoming more effective in performance management will be shared.



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