21 Results

Counsel to a national media and communications company in respect of all of its employment and labour-related matters.

Advised a telecommunications company on the people issues associated with the purchase and sale of businesses.

Provided strategic advice to a media company in order to successfully resist union certification.

Represented a technology company in successfully establishing cause for dismissal based on conflict of interest, upheld on appeal.

Represented a technology company on appeal in overturning an award of punitive and aggravated damages and reducing a reasonable notice award.

Represented a technology company in a summary judgment motion successfully enforcing an executive employment agreement, upheld on appeal.

Successfully acted for a number of defendants in an employee class action certification motion relating to a call centre closure in narrowing the legal claims and the composition of the class sought by the plaintiffs.

Successfully represented a national broadcaster in one of the most significant bargaining unit restructuring proceedings before the Canada Labour Relations Board.

Represented a broadcaster in a major non-construction jurisdictional dispute leading to an amendment by the Ontario Labour Relations Board of a collective agreement scope clause.

Successfully represented a national newspaper at arbitration and before the Ontario Divisional Court, which upheld the obligation of a former employee to repay settlement funds for breach of confidentiality provisions in a settlement agreement.