Pensions, Benefits and Executive Compensation: What’s on the Horizon [Video]

The pension industry is undergoing an unprecedented amount of change. In this video, Stephanie Kalinowski highlight some of the developments that are on the horizon, including a new solvency funding regime for defined benefit plans in Ontario, the introduction of administrative monetary penalties, a new regime for target benefit plans and an extended EI parental leave benefit.

Pay Equity Plans – Your Compliance Obligations [Video]

In this video, Lauri Reesor discusses an organization’s obligations to maintain their pay equity plans and reviews the implications of failing to comply with those obligations. She also talks about the Pay Equity Commission’s investigative powers and provides some tips to put you in a better position, should the Commission coming calling.

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace [Video]

With an increasing number of employees receiving prescriptions for medical marijuana to treat various ailments, employers and service providers are grappling with how to respond. In this video, Jacqueline Luksha discusses the implications of medical marijuana in the workplace and at places of business, touching on the duties of employers and service providers to accommodate medical marijuana’s use while ensuring a safe work environment. To assist employers and service providers, she provides some best practices on how to meet those obligations.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Settlements [Video]

Everything a municipality always wanted to know about Emergency Medical Services (EMS) settlements… and more. Watch this video featuring Mark Mason for an overview of current information you, as an employer, should be aware of in reaching settlements with your EMS staff, including percentage increases in recent settlements, current trends, the differences across jurisdictions, hourly rates and comparators.