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Mental Health in the Workplace – Employers’ Duties and Obligations – Presented by CanadianLawyer

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February 24, 2021
12:00 p.m. ET



Mental wellbeing in the workforce has been one of the greatest continual challenges for employers across Canada and is especially difficult in this current uncertain environment. Employers must ensure they are up to date on their legal obligations and are following best practices to minimize their risk. What are the critical mental health issues employers need to be aware of as we progress through the pandemic? How do they accommodate employees to ensure duties are being met while protecting their organization from future liabilities?

  • Defining the meaning of ‘mental health’ as it relates to workplace obligations
  • What types of mental health issues are employers facing?
  • How do employers accommodate mental health issues when they arise?

Duty to inquire
Performance issues

  • Updates on rulings from the courts and arbitration
  • Practical issues for employers when dealing with mental health situations

Managing mental health from afar

  • How do you tackle mental health challenges with limited resources?

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