Conference / Seminar

Workplace Harassment: Navigating the Minefields (Accredited)

Event Details

October 3, 2012
8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Hicks Morley Toronto Office
77 King Street West, 39th Floor
Toronto, ON



Have you fulfilled your Bill 168 obligations?  Have your policies proven to be effective?  How can they be improved?  How are they interacting with other policies and your business/operations?

How do you deal with situations of domestic violence that impact upon your workplace?  How do you deal with an employee misusing the policy/program or making a false claim?  How do you identify a person with a history of violent behaviour?  To what extent should you be concerned about off duty conduct of employees?

This program will address the following topics:

Review of Bill 168

An update of the law and review of relevant cases:  arbitration and ORLB decisions
Practical and strategic considerations to help you navigate your way through the issues:

  • risk assessment
  • all-in-one policies
  • difficult domestic violence issues
  • persons with a history of violent behaviour
  • false claims and policy misuse
  • off duty conduct
  • MOL enforcement
  • intersection with other areas of the law

In the context of workplace harassment, we will discuss the Rules of Professional Conduct as they apply to in-house counsel dealing with harassment situations

  • confidentiality
  • avoidance of conflict of interest
  • dealing with the unrepresented person
  • the lawyer as possible witness


CPD Logo This program has been accredited by the Law Society for 0.5 Professionalism Hour
This program is also eligible for up to 1.0 Substantive Hours