Conference / Seminar

ECEs and Principals: “Unexpected Bargaining Challenges”

Event Details

January 20, 2011
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

The Westin Bristol Place
Toronto Airport
950 Dixon Rd.
Toronto, ON


Each participating Board will pay a fee of $225.00 plus $29.25 HST (13%), totalling $254.25, and may involve as many participants as it pleases. This fee will apply whether the Board participates in person, online or both.

Who should attend:

This Conference will be of interest to labour relations practitioners and supervisory officers responsible for labour relations and/or early childhood education.

Conference Call Alternative:

Via conference call and Adobe Connect, permitting real time co-ordination with the speakers’ use of their powerpoint presentations.

What you will learn:

The Conference will cover two topics. First, for those school boards that must negotiate first collective agreements with their ECEs, we will review principles related to first contract negotiations. You have likely not had to undergo this process for some time, if at all. Different rules apply. We will review the legal principles so that you understand your rights and obligations. We will also discuss union strategies to expect and potential pitfalls to avoid. Particular attention will be paid to procedures and strategies related to first contract arbitration under the Labour Relations Act.

Second, we will review PPM 152 and a school board’s obligation to negotiate terms and conditions of employment with its principals and vice-principals. This portion of the conference is applicable to all school boards. The PPM contains a number of new requirements that must be achieved by March 31, 2011. Given that these are non-union employees and their representatives are not trade unions, these negotiations will be a novel experience for all parties. It is crucial for school boards to know their rights and obligations, as well as the rights and obligations of the opposing side. Drawing upon our experience in the University sector (which has a comparable bargaining structure), we will assist you in navigating the mine fields in order to achieve your desired results while avoiding any legal or practical pitfalls in the process.

The format will be interactive – we have planned time for questions and discussion.




Registration and Breakfast


First Contract Negotiations: Law and Strategies


Panel Discussion on First Contract Negotiations




Review of PPM 152


Discussion of Negotiation and Content of Agreements with “Non Union” Employees


Question Period


Networking Luncheon