Sexual Harassment Incident Response Workshop

Your new hire is alleging that she was sexually harassed by the VP Sales Canada at an industry event – and before you can investigate, the incident goes viral. You know how to run an investigation, but how will you manage everything else about the incident? And what happens when things go off the rails?

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace [Video]

In this #MeToo world, it is important that employers address issues relating to sexual harassment in the workplace in a timely and proactive manner. In this video, Nadine Zacks outlines several best practices for employers, ranging from the development of robust policies to leading by example. She also discusses the importance of providing training to employees and the need to act promptly when responding to allegations of harassment.

Lauri Reesor Quoted in Canadian Lawyer InHouse on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Hicks Morley’s Lauri Reesor was quoted in the September 2018 edition of Canadian Lawyer InHouse in an article titled, “Navigating Sexual Harassment in a #MeToo World.” With the initiation of the #MeToo movement, allegations of sexual harassment are being brought forth exposing high-profile individuals at an unprecedented rate. Lauri notes that she is “seeing an increase in the number of internal complaints that are being made” involving corporations. “People are feeling empowered to come forward.” This opens an organization’s policies, procedures and investigative techniques to scrutiny.

Advantage CPD: Hot Topics – and Key Challenges – in Human Rights Law

Are you ready to respond quickly and effectively when complex accommodation requests – or allegations of sexual harassment – are made? Does the legalization of marijuana really change any of your obligations as an employer? What obligations do employees with child or elder care issues have to “self-help” – if at all? Understanding the latest developments in the human rights law is key to ensuring your organization is fully prepared to deal with these issues when they arise. Find out what you need to know in this Advantage CPD session.

Sexual Harassment Incident Response Workshop

Allegations of sexual harassment can arise in any workplace, at any time – and when they do, a poorly executed response can lead to significant liability. Ensuring your organization’s incident response strategy is effective will keep you in control of the situation and minimize the potential harms that can result. Join with peers from other organizations and participate in a scenario-based tabletop exercise and group discussion that will test your incident response smarts and provide you with practical tips and strategies that you can apply in managing your next incident.

Sexual Harassment

A sexual harassment incident can occur anywhere, anytime. In the social media era, reputational harm may arise the moment an allegation surfaces – and escalate quickly. Ensuring your organization is poised to respond in a timely, appropriate way can significantly impact outcomes, but getting one step ahead may help avoid incidents altogether. Hicks Morley has…