School Board Management Conference 2019

Change is a constant in the human resources world, particularly for Ontario’s school boards. Ongoing developments in the law, whether through new legislation, arbitrations or the courts, and the rapid evolution of best practices create a fast-paced learning environment for human resources professionals, directors of education, supervisory officers and trustees.

2019 Healthcare Conference

Join us at our 2019 Healthcare Conference which will cover a wide variety of topics relevant to human resources professionals within hospitals, long-term care facilities and other healthcare providers.

Advantage CPD: Professionalism Smorgasbord 2018

This session is tailored to the practice of employment and labour law by in-house counsel. For the first 60 minutes, we will review and discuss ethical dilemma scenarios in small groups and then review the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct.

Advantage CPD: Hot Topics – and Key Challenges – in Human Rights Law

Are you ready to respond quickly and effectively when complex accommodation requests – or allegations of sexual harassment – are made? Does the legalization of marijuana really change any of your obligations as an employer? What obligations do employees with child or elder care issues have to “self-help” – if at all? Understanding the latest developments in the human rights law is key to ensuring your organization is fully prepared to deal with these issues when they arise. Find out what you need to know in this Advantage CPD session.

Advantage CPD: Social Media and the Workplace – Balancing Rights and Interests of Employers and Employees

*Please note this session is Full
As social media becomes an entrenched part of our workplaces and our lives, employers are struggling to determine whether and how employee misconduct on these platforms can be managed or prevented. This Advantage CPD session is geared towards Human Resources professionals and will provide employers with a better understanding of their rights to address employee misconduct on social media and the difficult questions of privacy, free speech, and off-duty conduct that often accompany these issues.

Advantage CPD: The “Four Ws” of the New WSIB Chronic Mental Stress Policy

Since January 2018, workers may be entitled to WSIB benefits for chronic mental stress where the chronic mental stress is caused by a substantial work-related stressor such as an incident of workplace harassment. This Advantage CPD session will provide employers a better understanding of such claims, of best practices regarding mental stress in their workplaces and practical tips to reduce their liability.